What to expect in this course

Shot on location in Moab, Utah, this course includes three key lessons. The videos feature candid interviews with seasoned Special Operation soldiers and senior business executives with a focus on the implications of self, others, and the overall organization. 

Each video lesson is accompanied by thought-provoking insight that you can use to reflect on presented concepts, or to facilitate an interactive and engaging conversation with your team to discuss the nuances of delegation.

Before you delegate, you have to take a good hard look at where you are spending your time. Often, you’ll see that you’ve migrated to your comfort zone, but that’s not where the magic happens – where heroic aspirations are realized. If your goals is big enough, chances are you need help accomplishing it, and that’s where your team comes in – and your ability to delegate. That is, get more done through others



1.      Conquering the Fear of Delegation 


2.      Building Trust Through Delegation


3.      Overcoming The Obstacles to Delegation

         4.     Further Exploration (text only – no video)